About Widusara

Widusara (විදුසර) is a blogging platform covering a wide array of subjects related to news, science, technology, health/well being, space, environment, nature, history and more. We produce content in the form of lists and articles about the world and universe in general.

The name of our website, 'Widusara' was created with two words in Sinhalese; 'Widu' and 'Sara'. See what we did there?

• Widu (විදු): Knowledge, Education or Science
• Sara (සර): Sound or Value

You could say that Widusara is 'The Sound of Knowledge' or 'The Value of Education'. And that’s exactly how our website is best described. Widusara.com is a place where people can learn something new. Join us to explore the vast universe of Knowledge.

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